“I loved this Bakery, it always smells delicious!!! custom made cakes are not only beautiful but absolutely delicious. The cookies are really good as well. Everything is freshly baked, and that’s what I love. I know that what is there is fresh.”

“I ordered a cake for my son’s Octonauts theme party. Not only beautifully decorated. It was absolutely delicious. Kids and adults enjoyed the cake. Not too sweet , moist, delicious vanilla flavor. It was really good. Definitely thinking of you for my next event.”

“I bought a box of homemade macaroons and finished the whole thing after intending to eat just one!! I loved this bakery. The owner was so sweet when she helped me order my cake and you could tell she was really concerned about customer service. I truly hope the people of Downers Grove can support this great business by only providing great reviews and discussing issues with the business itself. When these great mom and pop shops close, it is really not good for any of us. Good luck Just Crumbs!”

“Stopped in during the car show to check this new place out and didn’t want to leave. The owner is so friendly you almost feel like she’s an old friend. My girlfriends and I laughed with the owner the whole time we were in there. As far as the bakery, it’s fantastic. When you eat a cookie and can taste the butter, you know it’s good stuff. You can go to Jewel for coffee cakes that are made with vegetable oil if you want cheap garbage. I prefer butter and top notch ingredients. Top notch sweets from Just Crumbs. Thank you for choosing Downers Grove.”

“I stumbled in here, when I was walking down on Main st. I went in and saw that it is quite different. They have your cake on a stick. Cakes by the slice,cookies, and little cups with things in it. The owner, Gabbie, gave us to try several things. My wife loved the cookies and the strawberry-pineapple meringues. I enjoyed the panokora? It was a very smooth and refreshing caramel thing, in a cup. So, far, we have been there about 5 times (including to pick up my son’s cake. It was great too) and not once have I felt anything but friendliness. Oh, you gotta go with an empty stomach for Gabbie will have you try everything in the store! She doesn’t take no for an answer.”

“I learned is that the store’s intent is to be a “by appointment” type bakery for weddings and high end events for banquets halls, etc. Because of this, you might be disappointed when you walk in as it is not a typical bakery like Busy Bee across the street.. The main chef (Gabby) is a classically trained French pastry chef who’s treats are very good. There are no short cuts in their products and they only use imported high end ingredients here. If you want a wedding cake or special event cake, cookies, pasties, etc., this is your place. They will always have some treats there but it’s not fully stocked bakery. They have unique things like rosemary and cherry cookies that are wonderful as well as apple-sage cookies. I’ve never seen these anywhere. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.”

“I have been here a couple of times and I have always been warmly greeted. Gabbi, the owner, is great and is very passionate about her job. The cookies and whoppie pies I purchased were awesome. I got my colleagues to go there and everything they purchased was fresh and great tasting. Make sure you buy her samples to try all of the wonderful things that she bakes. She is a great addition to downtown Downers Grove.”

“This place is amazing!!! For so many reasons . I just moved to downers from the city and just crumbs is better than sweet Mandy bs!! Here’s why…
1-The best lemon cake I ever had.
2- made an amazing Route 66 cake for a 66th birthday and I ordered it at 4:45pm the day before
3- the owner helped me carry the cake to my car after noticing my squirmy baby
4-the owner offered my whiny son a little taste of some of her favorites.
Super impressed!!!! Bravo ms Sanchez! This place is a must visit and she’s only been open a month.”

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